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"In the double, I am the one who says what to do", explains Rainer Morawa (56) smiling. He has got more than 40 years of rowing experience, his partner Michaela Bichler (50) started rowing in 2012. Different preconditions for the couple, as they are already busy preparing for the 2021 World Rowing Masters Regatta in September. "That's the challenge - we often practice separately in the single sculls in Mondsee and Wels. In the double, we practice our technique - with clearly distributed roles", he says and laughs. In contrast to the "perfect water" in Linz-Ottensheim, rowing on their wavy home water is often challenging. Michaela and Rainer agree: "On flat water, we work on the details." The couple's goal for the 2020 World Rowing Masters Regatta is clear: "We want to perform well together and we like the atmosphere in masters rowing." The athletes are both rowers and audience and everybody is in a good mood. We participate because of the social aspect: meet friends, do a healthy workout, and contribute to the positive reputation of our sport.

Amazing flair in Linz-Ottensheim

"It is always great to row in Ottensheim. I practiced here regularly as a child and it is amazing to see how the venue has developed. Absolutely impressing," Rainer tells about the previous years. He continues the rowing tradition of his family: "My grandfather has founded the rowing club in Seewalchen. I started coxing at the age of 10; at the age of 12 participated in my first rowing races. Since then I have won about 100 medals." In 1990, he stopped rowing competitively, but has been a passionate masters rower since.