Photo (c) Stefan Mayerhofer

Water is one of Upper Austria’s core elements. The picturesque municipality of Ottensheim has been hosting rowing events for many years, favoured for its optimal location at the Danube. Ottensheim is also situated on a stretch of the Danube Cycle Path and visiting cyclists enjoy stopping in at one of the riverbank garden restaurants, taking pleasant advantage of Upper Austria’s storied hospitality.

Along with the Danube, the lakes of the Salzkammergut region, renowned far beyond Upper Austria’s borders, offer ideal conditions for all types of water sports. In many respects, Lake Hallstatt in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt – Dachstein – Salzkammergut is an outstanding example of this. Home to the world’s oldest salt mine, Hallstatt is a superb cultural site that has lent its name to an entire epoch of human history – the Hallstatt Era. The lake itself lays calm and clear at the foot of the Dachstein, which, at nearly 3,000 metres, is the highest mountain in Upper Austria. The Austrian Sports Resort in Obertraun at the southern end of Lake Hallstatt is a modern training centre for competitive sports on an international level, with private lake access for water sports enthusiasts.

The Organising Committee Linz-Ottensheim has partnered up with Tourism Upper Austria, Danube Upper Austria, Tourism Linz, and Tourism Dachstein Salzkammergut in order to produce a promotion video showing Upper Austria's most idyllic (rowing) spots.