Photo (c) Claus Stockinger


Friday, 13 October 2017: A big day for the Regatta Venue Linz-Ottensheim. With blue sky and bright sunshine, the opening ceremony of the new National Training Centre for Rowing and Canoeing took place.

After the attribution of the 2019 World Rowing Championships to Linz Ottensheim, Austria, an extensive investment programme was started to modernise and expand the regatta venue. Over 11 months, a futuristic, flood-protected, and fully accessible National Training Centre for both rowers and canoeists has been constructed. 300 persons – including FISA Executive Director Matt Smith – attended the grand opening on 13 October 2017.

“Linz-Ottensheim is one of the most popular rowing courses in the world due to its central location in Europe and its consistently fair racing conditions. The Organising Committee is so competent and friendly and the logistics always work so well here. With all these fantastic changes and improvements to this venue, I see many successful regattas coming in the future”, so Matt Smith about the venue.

After a concert of the Military Chapel of Upper Austria and the baptism of the building, attendants had the opportunity to visit the building and to watch the subsequent Austrian National Championships in Rowing.

Details about the Expansion:

  • Ground floor: Due to the risk of flooding, the ground floor is solely used as storage room for boats. One of the five boat halls will be equipped with boats dedicated to rental for training camps.
  • First floor: The OC Office, a restaurant, indoor training facilities and a meeting room can be found on the flood-protected first floor.
  • A spacious terrace around three quarters of the building offers additional space to the restaurant as well as a perfect view at the regatta course.
  • The rooftop provides extension potential for mass events through the placement of mobile containers.
  • The finish tower has been renovated, expanded and fully climatised.
  • The building is heated environmentally friendly through a heat pump.