Photo (c) Natascha Kral


Although only 160 centimeters tall, the bigger her enthusiasm for the rowing. Tina Reiskopf (38) has started rowing at the age of 12 - per coincidence. "A friend from school and I went to a few practice sessions. And we never stopped since", says Tina. "We are still best friends. We row together and I am the godmother of her 4-years-old son Florian. One team, one goal - one could say. In masters rowing it's not only about performance, but the focus is on physical activity. "I row because it's a wonderful compensation for everyday life and I don't care if I sit in a singe, double, or quad. I like all boat classes. Whoever is in for a training session joins the team", explains Tina, who does 3-6 strength or endurance sessions a week. However, school and education have always been first priority for the rower from Vienna. She participates in competitions because it's fun. An Olympic qualification has never been her ambition. It's the team spirit in rowing that counts for the phsysiotherapist: "We enjoy the harmony of the boat and are happy about successful races. If we loose, it's not a big deal." Tina Reiskopf is one of the poster motives and visible on all promotional material for the 2020 World Rowing Masters Regatta. If she is looking forward to racing in Linz-Ottensheim? "Yes, I have rowed there several times. The conditions are fair, the infrastructure is great and I get along well with the entire Team Austria."